Syscontel Technologies is an IT integrator specialized in the OSIsoft PI System. We have 13 years of experience in providing architecture & solution designs, development, deployment and technical support services involving OSIsoft products. We have served a variety of industries, showing our customer how leverage their PI infrastructure to gain more insight into their operations. We can leverage our PI System expertise in building creative data-driven solutions targeting your main business problems, allowing you to attain higher levels of operating efficiency.

We have the experience and expertise you need to get the most value of your PI System.


Tailored IT strategy to solve business issues and help you move your operations to the next level


We can make your real time process data available to different levels of your corporation using standard tools for data visualization and reporting, such as PI Vision, Power BI, ProcessBook and Datalink.

Our approach is to develop practical solutions to discover useful information burried under raw data. By analyzing the difference type of audiences and how the information will help them to make accurate decisions in a timely fashion, we perform implement calculations for data aggregations to eliminate the unnecessary details that are not relevant to all audiences. High level business information, calculated from process data via powerful aggregations performed by the various calculation engine options provided by OSIsoft and Microsoft, are exposed to the directors and managers using BI components. This aggregation is fundamental to increase data presentation speed and to reduce the calculation burden on the system. Operational, process data, and equipment operational data are presented to the operators, process engineers, allowing them to monitor plant performance in real time through a computer or mobile device.


We can deploy an infra-structure to support better business decision making. By leveraging Microsoft business intelligence tools and other some third-party components for data visualization, you will be able to find new improvement opportunities hidden in a huge amount of real-time data stored in your historian.

The functions provided by the tools we implement are analytics, data mining, complex event processing, business performance comparison and predictive analysis.

For a successful BI project deployment, it is essential to guarantee the high quality of the data sources. We can help you to implement strategies for data cleansing and validation in order to guarantee a high level of adoption of the BI reports and dashboards by the users across your organization. Another aspect that must be considered is the creation of a data structure to provide the flexibility to perform comparisons between similar machines, process units or plants. Underlying data need to be easily searchable and very well structured.

Finally, calculation and aggregation results should be promptly available to the users, independently of the time range of the raw data being used in those calculations. A high performance system will require that most of the task-intensive calculations and data aggregations are automatically calculated and stored in the database, increasing the system responsiveness for report generation and dashboard visualization.


We can provide architecture design of your real time data collection infrastructure that is optimal for the PI System. We can integrate the PI System with other corporate systems according to industry best practices for high performance, scalability and security.

Scalability is the main driver for a good system architecture. Our goal is to make sure the architecture design is in accordance  with your corporate roadmap. It should be ready to easily accommodate the future projects without requiring drastic changes in the design. The intent is to let the business be the architecture driver, and not the technology itself, to avoid disconnection between the delivered system and the actual user needs. It should be easy to grow and it should offer a good system responsiveness to offer a good user experience. Also, in the design process we will take in consideration the best methods for data collection and strategies for integration with LIMS (Laboratory Information Magement Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), forecast systems, legacy systems, relational databases, web services, specialized software tools (such as Matlab, LabView) and others.


Vendor’s technical support is available to help you to resolve technical issues and/or to answer questions related to product’s utilization. In order to complement the services you obtain from OSIsoft technical support, we provide on-site and/or remote premium maintenance services to help you actually manage your systems. In this case, we will provide services specially tailored to your needs on a regular basis to keep your systems healthy. Here is a list of some the regular PI System maintenance tasks we can perform for you:

  • Server health preventive checkup and corrective tasks
  • System performance analysis
  • Search for automatic calculation errors
  • Verification problematic data sources
  • Backup implementation and management
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • …all of other activities that require a strong PI System background

But, more importantly, we implement or modify the displays, reports and calculations the users routinely ask to allow your users better leverage the system. Depending on your needs, a package of just a few hours per month from our highly skilled professionals will be enough to satisfy all your PI maintenance daily requirements.


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